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A thermal pad is also called a thermal interface pad. It is a soft material that facilitates heat transfer between electronic components and heat sinks. It fills the microscopic gaps and irregularities between the two surfaces and ensures optimal thermal conductivity.

What is Thermally Conductive Silicone Sheet

"Thermally conductive silicone sheet" is based on silica gel, add metal oxides and other auxiliary materials, through a special process of synthesis of a thermally conductive media materials, in the industry, also known as thermal conductive silicone pad

How to Install Thermal Pad in M2 SSD - How to Use a Thermal Pad for SSD

Use the thermally conductive pad to conduct heat from the front and back of the M.2 SSD to the heatsink. Each side of the thermally conductive silicone spacers may have a protective film on it, so make sure to remove all of them before use. Use a pair of tweezers to remove one side of the protective film from one of the thermal pads.